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itil foundation certification training




The purpose of the ITIL® 2011 Foundation certificate in IT Service Management is to certify that the candidate has gained knowledge of the ITIL® terminology, structure and basic concepts and has comprehended the core principles of ITIL® practices for Service Management.

Candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to this certification:

Service Management as a practice (Comprehension)
Service Lifecycle (Comprehension)
Key Principles and Models (Comprehension)
Generic Concepts (Awareness)
Selected Processes (Awareness)
Selected Roles (Awareness)
Selected Functions (Awareness)
Technology and Architecture (Awareness)
ITIL Qualification scheme (Awareness)

prince2 certification training




PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects. The method is the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and is practiced worldwide.
PRINCE2 is a flexible method that guides you through the essentials for running a successful project regardless of project type or scale. PRINCE2 can be tailored to meet your organization or industry specific requirement.

Foundation Level
The purpose of the foundation level is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2 method to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supporting PRINCE2. The foundation level is also a pre-requisite for the practitioner certification.

Target Audience
This qualification is aimed at Project Managers and aspiring Project Managers. It is also relevant to other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of projects, including: Project Board members (e.g. Senior Responsible Owners), Team Managers (e.g. Product Delivery Managers), Project Assurance (e.g. Business Change Analysts), Project Support (e.g. Project and Programme Office personnel) and operational line managers/staff.

MSP Certification Training

What are the benefits of using MSP?

  • MSP is a pragmatic approach to programme management which ensures a strong leadership and governance structure is established and maintained. The emphasis is on Stakeholder Engagement and Benefits Realization Management.
  • MSP has been implemented in the public and private sectors because it provides a number of benefits to the organizations undertaking programmes, including:

Provides a common framework for all parties to work within - including the Client, Contractors and stakeholders

Strong emphasis on the identification and realization of measurable benefits

Strong Stakeholder Engagement focus ensuring that stakeholders have the opportunity to participate at the key times throughout life of the programme

Clear communication links between the delivery team and the operational teams who will take ownership of the finished products

Good governance is a significant part of the framework and is instituted throughout the programme

MSP provides a method for managing the complex relationships between the interested parties in a significant, long term change initiative.

MSP provides individuals with skills and techniques not usually familiar to project managers thus providing them with another tool to add to their professional toolkit.

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