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The world is becoming a smaller place in which to live and work. A technological revolution in communications and information exchange has taken place within business, industry, and our homes. We bank and transfer money electronically, and we are much more likely to receive an E-mail than a letter. It is estimated that the worldwide Internet population is 349 million (Commerce Net Research Council 2000).

In this information technology age, the needs of law enforcement are changing as well. Some traditional crimes, especially those concerning finance and commerce, continue to be upgraded technologically. Paper trails have become electronic trails. Crimes associated with the theft and manipulations of data are detected daily. Crimes of violence also are not immune to the effects of the information age.

A serious and costly terrorist act could come from the Internet instead of a truck bomb. The diary of a serial killer may be recorded on a floppy disk or hard disk drive rather than on paper in a notebook.

Course Description
The CHFI course will give participants the necessary skills to identify an intruder's footprints and to properly gather the necessary evidence to prosecute.

  • Computer Forensics in Today s World
  • Computer Forensics Investigation Process
  • Searching & Seizing of computers
  • Digital Evidence
  • First responder Procedures
  • Incident Handling
  • Computer Forensics Lab
  • Understanding Hard disks & File Systems
  • Digital Media Devices
  • CD/DVD Forensics
  • Windows Linux Macintosh Boot Process
  • Windows Forensics I
  • Windows Forensics II
  • Hacking Forensics
  • Mac Forensics
  • Data Acquisition & Duplication
  • Recovering Deleted Files & Deleted partitions
  • Forensics Investigations Using Access Data FTK
  • Forensics Investigations Using Encase
  • Steganography
  • Image Files Forensics
  • Audio File Forensics
  • Video File Forensics
  • Application password Crackers
  • Log Capturing & Event Correlation
  • Network Forensics & Investigation Logs
  • Investigating Network Traffic
  • Router Forensics
  • Investigating Wireless Attacks
  • Investigating Web Attacks
  • Investigating DoS Attacks
  • Investigating Virus, Trojan, Spyware & Root kit Attacks
  • Investigating Internet Crimes
  • Tracing E Mails & Investigating E Mail Crimes
  • PDA Forensics
  • Blackberry Forensics
  • I Pod & I Phone Forensics
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • USB Forensics
  • Printer Forensics
  • Investigating Corporate Espionage
  • Investigating Computer Data Breaches
  • Investigating Trademark & Copyright Infringement
  • Investigating Sexual Harassment Incidents
  • Investigating Child Pornography Cases
  • Investigating Identity Theft Cases
  • Investigating Defamation over Websites & Blog Postings
  • Investigating Social Networking Websites for Evidences
  • Investigating Search Keywords
  • Investigative Reports
  • Becoming an Expert Witness
  • How to Become a Digital detective
  • Computer Forensics for lawyers
  • Law & Computer Forensics
  • Computer Forensics & Legal Compliance
  • Security Policies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Evaluation & Certificate of Information Systems
  • Ethics in Computer Forensics
  • Computer Forensic Tools
  • Windows Based Command line tools
  • Windows based GUI Tools
  • Forensics Frameworks
  • Forensics Investigation Templates
  • Computer Forensics Consulting Companies
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312-49 Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator View Details
  • Training
  • Books
  • CD's
  • Participation certificate

It is strongly recommended that you attend the CEH class before enrolling into CHFI program.

Who Should Attend

Police and other law enforcement personnel, Defense and Military personnel, e-Business Security professionals, Systems administrators, Legal professionals, Banking, Insurance and other professionals, Government agencies, IT managers

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