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Cloud computing is about providing IT related services through the internet. Cloud computing allows flexible IT solutions to support the business, based on clear service arrangements. Content The Cloud computing Foundation certificate requires an overview of the field and its relationship with other areas of information management. Such an overview is based on knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Cloud computing and understanding of deployment, architecture and design of the Cloud computing Platform.

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Cloud computing Foundation is intended for everyone playing a role or having an interest in the use and management of internet based IT services. This includes staff from internal and external service providers, their customers, and their managers.

Contact hours The minimum number of contact hours for this training course is 15. This includes group assignments, exam preparation and short breaks. This number of hours does not include homework, logistics for exam preparation and lunch breaks.

Three perspectives that will follow when an organization takes or provides cloud services. These perspectives would be:

  1. Customer perspective: Prime concern that customers would have when they want to opt for cloud services
  2. Internal perspective of the cloud service provider: Key processes that the service provider has to streamline to ensure quality delivery of services
  3. External perspective of the cloud service provider: Key areas that should be addresses before taking the cloud services to the customers

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