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Green IT Citizen is a paper-free exam that you can sit any time, any place. The exam is suitable for all IT professionals and IT users that want to get acquainted with the concept of sustainable IT. Having a certificate shows that you possess the insight needed in order to do something about implementing sustainable and green IT.

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EXIN Green IT Citizen was developed for IT professionals and users that want to do something about their green IT ambitions. This exam is a sustainable addition to all other EXIN exams.





EXIN offers you two types of Green IT certificates

If you want to be greener and smarter but just as effective in the way you do business, the Green IT certificate offers the solution. EXIN offers two types of Green IT certificates. If your company wants to create awareness of Green IT amongst all employees choose the Citizen Certificate. If youre an IT Professional, the Foundation Certificate teaches you not only to analyze all IT components but will also enable you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and/or reduce the organizations environmental footprint through technology. The certificate turns you into a sustainability manager.

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