Secure Programming Foundation

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In-built security of applications is worth the investment. Key in the secure software building process is education. If programmers do not understand the security of the software they are building, any additional investment in the process is useless.

Benefits of EXIN Secure Programming Foundation:

  1. Awareness of language-neutral secure programming practices.
  2. Understanding security threats and necessary counter measures.
  3. Knowing how to use the tools to build security in


Target Group

The certificate is a must have for programmers and software developers, and a should have for auditors who will work with the Framework Secure Software (see for the framework


EXIN Secure Programming Foundation is a certification for every Developer or Prgrammer working for a company that wants to be ahead in delivering secure software.

The exam topics for Secure Programming cover:

  1. Authentication and Session Management.
  2. Handling User Input
  3. Authorization
  4. Configuration, Error Handling and Logging
  5. Cryptography
  6. Secure Software Engineering

The Preparation Guide Secure Programming Foundation provides more detailed information on the exam requirements and specifications, and the weight of each topic in the exam.

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