Scrum Master in Action

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Scrum Master is expected to play a coach's role to the Scrum team including the Product Owner. So the Scrum Master role requires a leader whom the whole team can look up to. The fact that the team doesn't report to the Scrum Master calls for a Servant Leadership."Scrum Master in Action"workshop makes extensive use of participants experience, role plays and simulation to learn how to be a successful Scrum Master in practice.

The Objective of this course is to answer the following questions:

  • What does it take to be better Scrum Master?
  • How to build and lead a hyper productive Scrum team?
  • How to identify impediments and provide a better infrastructure of continuous delivery?
  • How to handle various practical scenarios that challenge the Scrum framework?


  • Scrum Values and Principles
  • Quick refresher of Scrum Framework
  • Building a hyper-productive scrum team
  • Infrastructure for iterative delivery
  • Dealing with a tough Product Owner
  • Dealing with a tough team
  • Effective facilitation of Scrum Ceremonies
  • Preparing for release and realistic release planning
  • Writing User Stories
  • Estimation Techniques for sizing Product backlog.
  • Dealing with metrics and management
  • Dealing with incomplete sprints
  • Identifying and resolving impediments


2 full days from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

  • Presentations used in the workshop.
  • Exercises and solutions from the workshop

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